This class takes the mystery out of yoga and is a great way to discover what yoga is all about.  No experience is necessary, and the class is appropriate for all regardless of age or physical challenges. The class progresses gently with emphasis on alignment principles for safe yoga practice. Introduction to basic poses (called asana) and breathing are presented to increase strength, flexibility, stamina, balance and overall well being. We keep our classes small, fun and informative.


Examine the fundamentals of classic yoga poses with an emphasis on alignment and safety at a pace that allows for refinement. This class is ideal for returning students who have practiced but not recently, students who have practiced before but not in alignment based methodology as well as students recovering from injuries or working with a limited range of motion.


Having completed Introduction and/or Fundamentals and having an understanding of alignment-based asana study, students dedicated to learning more and developing a home practice will explore classic standing poses, twists, forward bends and simple backbends at a deeper level. Emphasis is on refining the poses and building endurance in the poses. Basic preparation for inversions is included.


For the experienced Level I student who wishes to transition to a deeper practice, this class offers continued refinement and variations in the poses. New poses are introduced and time in the pose is increased to build stamina. This class moves at a quicker pace. Headstand and shoulder stand refinement is included. Consent of the instructor is necessary for attending this class.  Please contact Jane prior to signing up/dropping in to this class.


More advanced asanas are introduced as well as a deeper focus on the details and refinement of each pose. Physically more demanding, this class is appropriate for students strong in standing poses and inversions. Students must be able to do shoulder stand, headstand and full arm balance at the wall and push up into a full backbend with straight arms or know the appropriate modifications. Consent of the instructor is necessary for attending this class. Please contact Jane prior to signing up/dropping in to this class.


Build heat in the body with sun salutations, standing poses and core strengthening moves before settling down into a long deep stretch to commonly resistant areas: hip and shoulder openers, backbends and forward bends. Add to your home practice repertoire and start your day in a joyful way! (ALL LEVELS but NOT appropriate for those who have never studied before or those with health concerns)


Purna simply means complete. In your Purna Yoga class, you will enjoy the benefits of addressing all aspects of your being: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. Each class will include simple breathing and meditation techniques to calm and focus the mind, balance the emotions and align your inner energies. You will also spend a good amount of time moving through active, alignment-based sequences and postures designed to awaken, enliven and strengthen your physical body. Expect to smile and to invite your highest aspirations to organize your life. This class is open to all levels.


Start your weekend early with this energizing morning class!  Focus to include hip opening poses, standing balance and gentle back bending. Previous experience with alignment based yoga is a plus.


Yin/Yang represents the balance and harmony of everything within us and around us.  While Yang yoga practices nourish us with movement, Yin yoga restores us with stillness, encourages patience and non-reactivity.  This passive practice allows for a deep stretch of ligaments, fascia and tendons while inviting quiet and calm into the mind. Yin revitalizes and nourishes joints and connective tissues while increasing mobility especially of the hips.  Poses are each held for 2-5 minutes and are accompanied by guided meditation, inspirational poetry and beautiful silence.

ADVANCED MELTMethod – LEVEL 2 (5 classes)

Expand your ability to get out and stay out of pain with the MELTMethod!   Advanced certified MELTMethod instructor, Catharine Eberhart, will lead you through 22 advanced MELT moves using the soft body rollers and MELT hand and foot balls. These advanced moves are perfect for those working with sciatica, SI joint dysfunction, lower back pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder and/or neck pain. Or for those who want to stay mobile, healthy and pain free for a lifetime. This course is designed for those who have taken MELT with Catharine or another certified MELT instructor.



Due to limited studio space, it is suggested you e-mail RYC director Jane Barrett at or call 919-856-1390 to reserve a space in the Weekend Specialty Classes.


Experience the mental and physical benefits of yoga with little effort thanks to a plethora of props. A sequence of supported yoga poses and breathing techniques allows you to settle deeply and completely into the pose and maximize its benefits. Learn mindful relaxation — a must for us all. Delicious!


“If the foundation is firm, the building can withstand calamities. The practice of yoga is the foundation, so that the self if not shaken under any circumstances.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar